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The writing assignments just keep coming and coming with no end in sight. How do you move on from being an ‘okay’ writer to a ‘great’ writer? Don’t scour the internet for tips here and there.

Benefit From Reading

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Get away from that TV! Reading does more than just relax and stimulate your mind; it also sub-consciously conditions your brain to understand language better. Your punctuation, spelling and grammar will improve within weeks of you picking up a good book or two and enjoying a few hours of reading every day.

Use various methods of research

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To become an exceptional academic writer, you will need to employ many various ways of obtaining your information. Take notes while you watch videos so that other parts of your brain are taking in the facts. Forsake the internet and visit a library. Interview someone. You’ll be amazed at how much information you’ll retain if you mix it up a bit.


Find your space

Organize yourself a place that’s quiet and secluded from any distractions. Writing is impossible if you’re being interrupted all the time. Make sure you can zone in to your work without having your concentration broken.

Listen to music

Music that stimulates your brainwaves in data retention and creative stimulation has come even further in the last couple of years than ever. There are many good, reputable music products on the market that are made especially for students.


A practice that too many students ignore is the revision of their work. A sure way to improve your writing is to change sentences. If you write a sentence, look at it for a while and see how many ways you can write the same sentence.

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