Assignment Writing Help for College Newbies: How to Find a Good Service

There are many fraudulent companies out there and the only way to avoid them is to do your homework before you hire. One of the best ways that you can refine your search results is to use keywords based on your grade and your course. For example if you are in high school and looking for a history paper, make sure to use the words high school and history in your search for the right company. This will greatly narrowed down the results that you get from any generic Internet search. It will also help you find companies to specialize in history papers at the high school level. You should not just pick any company. And you certainly should not pick the first company comes to your web result page. You should review the top 3 to 5 companies carefully. You need to practice discretion. You need to look at your top company choices and compare them to one another.

When you do this, you should compare many aspects including the following:

  • You should compare their services. Look at what they explicitly say they offer. If you need a high school level research paper or a college-level persuasive paper you want to find a company that explicitly says on their website that they offer that service.
  • You also want to compare their price list. Look at what they're charging per page or what their service entails. Just because one company charges a lower rate per page does not mean that they are the best company for you to choose. You need to see what you get in terms of your payment. If you pay five dollars per page, do you also get a bibliography, proper formatting, a plagiarism free guarantee, and free revisions until you're satisfied? Compare this to a company that charges $10 per page and offers all of those things. You want to look and see what you are really getting for your money and whether or not there are any hidden costs.
  • You want to verify their guarantees. Before you hire a company see what guarantees they have to offer. A standard writing company that reeks of professionalism will guarantee things such as free revisions. They will guarantee that everything they produce is free from plagiarism. And they will guarantee that if you are not happy or you receive a bad grade, they will provide a revised paper.
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