How to Find Chemistry Homework Help For Free

Today, it’s easier than ever to find chemistry homework on the web at zero cost to you. There are countless resources online—quality resources that can help you become a chemistry whiz in no time.

What you need to know is how to find quality web help with chemistry—and that’s what we are here to help you with.

I’m going to discuss the different types of help available to you and tell you how to find the best sources of each.


YouTube is a marvel for quality educational resources. There are videos, countless videos, of chemistry professors, chemistry teachers, and chemistry aficionados – some of them probably your age, who can explain the more difficult areas of this subject in a new way – one perhaps easier to understand than you’ve received before.

There are videos on everything from how to memorize chemistry formulas to why the formulas work this way. You’ll find all levels of help from beginners to advanced middle and high school chemistry and beyond to graduate school level issues. This is why it is helpful if you try searches by your grade level or a distinguishing course title that will give you help at your educational level.

Websites and Webpages

There are countless websites online which have handouts on chemistry issues that you can read to better understand all aspects of chemistry. There are also interactive chemistry exercises where you work your way through questions issues presented on the website. What’s great about even getting the wrong answer to these exercises, is that an explanatory answer will come up which tells you where you went wrong, helping you to understand chemistry rather than just memorize your way through it.

You can often tell the quality of an educational resource by reading a few pages of it—or better yet, search for the best interactive chemistry help on the web. I would do experimental searches that will expose you to the many types of chemistry websites online that are produced by schools and universities and ones produced by individuals who are educated in chemistry. Search for terms like “what are the best websites for help in high school chemistry” or “quality websites for help with high school chemistry.”


There are also fantastic free tutors available online. Every tutoring website has a free trial in which you can test the service and see if you want to make a paid commitment with them for future help.

Again, search for quality tutors in chemistry and with these services, read lots of reviews.

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