Getting Homework Help Online for Free: Is It a Good Idea?

It is very tempting not to get homework help online especially when it is free. You can easily type your question into the search engine and you are instantly bombarded with tons of answers. Some of these answers will cost you and therefore you may pass them up. However, you are sure to find some that are free of charge. They are more than likely posted from students that have already taken the course and decided to take the time to help others complete the homework as well.

Are all homework help sites equal?

There are different types of sites that have answers to homework questions. One is the free sites. These are usually question and answer forums. Anyone can contribute to these sites. They don’t have to be a scholar or a professional. The answers don’t even have to make sense or be correct. These are the “use at your own risk” sites.

Another type of site is the pre-answered site. These can be tricky because if one figure or word has been changed in the question, the answer may not be right. There really isn’t any way to make sure that the answers to these are correct either. They will usually charge you a small fee for these answers. This small fee may be worth it because it isn’t a lot of money but there really is no way to ensure that the answers are right.

A third type of site is the professional assistance sites. These sites will cost money but you have a better chance of actually getting the right answer. The tutors in these sites will actually show you how to come up with the answer instead of just giving it to you. They can only stay in business by helping students succeed so they have to give the right answers. This type of site is probably the most reliable.

Now that you have an idea how these homework sites work, you may not think that it is such a good idea to choose a free homework site. There are however some sites that have the actual answer key that goes with the text. These are probably the only reliable sites to check out online. They will give the answers to the questions that are asked at the end of the text book chapters. They may not help with any questions that are designed by the instructor.

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