Geometry Homework Help: Important Vocabulary to Remember

When you need help with your Geometry homework, it is important to know some basic vocabulary that will help you understand what is expected of you. Remembering the definitions to these vocabulary words will help you understand many of the questions that you will need to complete your homework. There are other words that you may need to learn as you progress in your studies but these are the key ones.

Here is a list of some of the most common and most used geometric vocabulary words:

  • Acute Angle: An angle that is less than ninety degrees
  • Acute Triangle: A triangle that has three acute angles
  • Adjacent angles: Angles that are next to each other
  • Adjacent sides: Sides that are next to each other
  • Alternate angles: Angles that are on opposite each other when a line is drawn over 2 parallel lines
  • Arc: Part of a circle
  • Area: Measure of the amount of surface that a shape takes up
  • Base: The bottom line of a two dimensional shape or bottom of a three dimensional shape.
  • Bisector: A line that cuts a shape into two parts that are equal.
  • Complimentary angles: Two angles whose sum is equal to ninety degrees
  • Degree: The unit of measurement for angles
  • Diameter: The line that touches two points of a circle that measures the distance from one side to the next
  • Equilateral Triangle: A triangle with three sides of the same length
  • Hypotenuse: The side of a right angle triangle that is the longest and across from the ninety degree angle
  • Intersect: Where two lines cross each other
  • Isosceles Triangle: A triangle with the base angles the same and two sides the same
  • Line segment: A section of a line
  • Obtuse angle: An angle that is greater than ninety degrees but less than one hundred and eighty degrees
  • Obtuse Triangle: A triangle that has one obtuse angle
  • Parallel lines: A pair of lines that run next to each other and never connect
  • Parallelogram: A four sides shape with sides that are opposite each other, parallel, and equal in length
  • Perimeter: Measurement of the outside of a two dimensional shape
  • Radius: Half of the diameter. Line that traces the center of a circle with any of the points on the line
  • Scalene Triangle: A triangle who has sides that are all different in length
  • Volume: Cubic unit measurement of a three dimensional shape
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