How To Avoid Homework: 5 Simple Tricks For Students

Homework is often so boring or difficult that it comes as no surprise that many students are always trying to avoid doing it at all costs. If you’re one of those people who desperately want to get out of doing your schoolwork, you’ve come to the right place! This guide has five simple tricks that can help you avoid homework.

  1. 1. Ask your teacher to stop giving you homework
  2. While this may seem to be a very desperate act, it’s worth a try at least. Sadly, most teachers will never give in to your requests, no matter how heartfelt or desperate they are. However, you may just get lucky if you have a particularly softhearted teacher or an extremely lazy teacher. If your teacher is a gentle soul, he or she may feel enough sympathy for you to stop giving you afterschool assignments. If you have a very lazy teacher, you may convince him or her to stop giving you afterschool assignments by highlighting the fact that if you don’t have to do assignments, they won’t have to grade assignments. As mentioned above, this tactic has a very slim chance of actually working, but it’s worth a try.

  3. 2. Find your homework answers in creative ways
  4. If your teacher isn’t sympathetic to your plight, you can always try to find the answers in other ways. The first thing you can try is searching the Internet, as you may well be able to find all your assignment answers online. The second thing you can try is to ask your friends if they’d let you copy their work. This one can be tricky, as your friends may start to get tired of doing all the work alone. The third thing you can try is to get pay someone else to do your schoolwork for you. All of these methods will help you dodge doing your schoolwork, but still have something to submit.

  5. 3. Choose your subjects very wisely
  6. Another idea is to try to choose subjects in which you either won’t get many assignments, or subjects where you know you’ll get lazy teachers who won’t give you many assignments. This may seem obvious, but if you’re trying to avoid homework, never ever take any extra subjects! Stick to those that are compulsory, and you won’t add to your workload unnecessarily.

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