Earth Science Homework Can Be Really Interesting

Any student in any school across the world can tell you how exciting a subject can be with the right teacher. But not all Earth Science teachers can make the subject fun for their students.  They are personally excited about it, but it doesn’t translate well to the students that they are teaching it too.  So why should a student get excited, enthused or happy about completing their homework for that class?   Here are a few reasons that students should be excited about it, and why doing their homework can really be intriguing.  

  • Earth Science Affects All of Us
  • If you can’t get excited about our Earth, and how it impacts our daily lives, then you probably can’t get excited about much.  Everything that you can do in your earth science homework is about your daily life, how it was shaped and formed.  

  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Landslides
  • These natural disasters are studied in Earth Science.  Meaning that when these sections are up for study, it’s interesting to learn how they work, what causes them.  These are the things that science “nerds” really love to learn about.  Plus these and other natural disasters are interesting because most times, making a replica or diagram of how they work, is fun.  

  • Practical
  • This is a practical subject.  Yes it has an affect on us all, but it’s also a very practical subject.  There is theory and logic and it’s not based on feelings or guesses.  It is an hands on subject, making the homework hands on as well.  You don’t just have to write essays and speculate on the subject, you can get your hands dirty and really be involved with your homework, which makes it so much more interesting than a sheet of math facts you have to study.  

  • Global, local and everywhere in between
  • Yes, studying math and writing is also a global reach.  But earth science allows students to think globally and locally. Asking questions like how does this impact the world, my town, and my city?  The subject helps us understand how one action causes reaction in the world.  

Earth Science can be fun and interesting, even if the teachers (who is probably really stressed because of core content and testing scores) don’t present it as such.  Finding the fun in the subject can be easy, just have fun with it.  Knowing that it is all about the world you live in and the way it’s shaped and formed and created can really be interesting.  

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