When There’s Too Much Homework: How To Help Your Kids

Kids can become overwhelmed with their homework and as parents we want to help them out. Sometimes this can be easy, while other times it can be difficult to do if we don’t know how to do the subject but if you have a child in elementary school then you should be able to help them but middle and high school homework might be a little bit trickier. You might even have to study the subject so you can help them with it.

How To Help Your Kids

  • First thing you want to do with your children is lay out a plan for the school year. Look at their past report cards and decide what you expect from them this year. Let’s say your child got a C in math last year, explain to them that you want them to get a B this year. You don’t want to set your expectations too high or they won’t try or will be too stressed to do it.
  • Start a routine with your kids. After school let your kids grab a snack and relax for a little bit, maybe about a half an hour and then start the homework. This little break will clear their head and let me focus better on their studies. This also goes if they have an after school activity as well. This will create a routine for your child and then they will do it without even thinking.
  • Don’t get too involved with the assignments. You might know a different way to do something that the teacher didn’t teach your child and this confuses them. Follow the instructions that your child was given and if you don’t understand them either, then email the teacher or sent a note to the teacher explaining that you and your child don’t understand it.
  • Make sure the place your child does their homework is distraction free and they feel comfortable doing it there. They can get more work done if it is in a place that they like and feel safe in.
  • I know that you probably want to help your child with every aspect of their homework but don’t do that. If it is a younger child, then yeah you should sit down with them and help them do it. For older children, just set back a supervise them doing it. If they need help, they will ask you.
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