Algebra Math Homework: Memorizing Tips For Students 

When you are given a great deal of algebra homework you may struggle finding ways to memorize all of the equations and the formulas. Thankfully there are many things you can do to improve your memorization and improve your homework today. To improve your memory with algebra homework you can:

  • Make flash cards with key equations or concepts or even practice problems
  • Write down the concepts or equations seven times
  • Review your notes right before bed
  • Practice and then practice again
  1. 1. Make flash cards. This may seem like a remedial project only required of you in elementary school but it is an effective one. The process of making the flash cards (writing them out by hand) no matter the subject is one which engages the mind. The physical act of writing out your key notes and the corresponding names or dates is in and of itself a memorization tactic. Doing this is often all it takes to memorize something. More challenging concepts or longer facts may take a few turns of the flash card before they become solidified enough that you can retrieve them easily.

  2. 2. Write things down seven times. If you are truly struggling with a particular concept or one historical note you should try and write it down seven times. Doing it seven times will reinforce the concept. Do not do it just seven times in a row though. Try and spread it out throughout your day or week. Try and write it down in the form of a flash card and then write it out later in your notes. Write it down once more as you try to recall the facts before bed. This will help to reinforce the concept and move it from short term memory to long term memory. And speaking of that…

  3. 3. Take notes right before bed. Try and study right before bed and avoid looking at your phone or computer screen after. By reviewing your flash cards once before you go to bed you are giving your mind the opportunity to move the freshest material (the contents on the flashcards) from the short term memory to the long term memory. Doing this improves your recall and retention making it easier for you to memorize your facts.

  4. 4. Practice and practice some more. The more times you practice an equation or a particular formula the easier it will get and the easier it will be for you to recall it on a test.
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