Awesome Resources to Use When Need Help with Math Homework

Every brain is wired differently, there are no two brains or people that will understand or learn in the exact same way.  It varies from person to person, and because of that, learning a subject as complicated and exact as math, can make for a complicated and difficult process.  For the student whose brain make it difficult for them to understand and comprehend the concepts of math, no matter the age, or stage,  there are places for them to go to, to find help with the subject. These resources can really be a helpful hand to the student who just needs that extra bit of time and dedication to mastering the concepts.


  • Math Is Fun

    Math is fun is a website that makes the extra practice with math fun for the students.  While the domain is a dot com, it has various free games and activities.  It is divided up into various subjects: data, algebra, geometry, money, etc. and has activities for each subject.  The student is guaranteed practice that doesn’t seem daunting.

  • S.O.S Math

    This is a website with a dot com domain that is a great resource of math knowledge.  They have information that will be able to teach the students about the concepts they are needing to learn. The site gives definitions and examples.  It’s a good way for students to read about the subject again, in case the textbook doesn’t explain it in a way that the student understands.

  • Math Play ground

    This is a website with a dot com domain that will allow the student to be able to play games in order to practice the concepts that they need to master. Because the concepts are made into games there is a better chance that they will be able to really remember the concepts and how to go about making them stick.  This is a great  place where the student will be able to just practice.

For the student whose brain isn’t wired the same as the mathematician’s brain. These resources are great places for them to seek refuge and get the time and help that they need.  They will be able to use them until they master the concept and then afterward so they don’t lose the skill.  Because practice does make perfect.  For the student who really needs a bit of extra help, these awesome resources can really help them out, so they won’t fall behind in school.

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