Help for High School Students: Who Can do Your Homework Now

Homework isn’t something that a student enjoys doing.  The higher up the education ladder the student goes, the harder the homework becomes.  When the student is in elementary or middle school, the parents have a good chance of being able to help the student work their way through a problem. Once the student gets to high school, things have changed and the parents might not always be help the student work through the problem. Things have changed since they were in high school; this is just a point of the world.  So the question becomes, who now can help a high school student with their homework now?

There are a few resources a student in high school can turn to see help with their homework; here is a list of a few resources:


  • Online. There is a vast amount of places online that the student can turn to when they need help with completing their school work.  There are various websites that will assist students with the homework assignments.

  • Tutor. Hiring a tutor from a private firm which will be able to work with the student, is a great way to help the student.   While this is most likely the most costly idea, it is one that can yield the best results.

  • Peers. Working with other students in the same class can help the high school student to complete the assignment with.  Since the students’ peers are also learning the subject matter they can really use each other to understand what they are supposed to be accomplishing.

  • College Students. The high school student can seek help from a local college student who has recently studied what they are currently studying.  These college students will be able to help them and give them a new perspective of how to work through an assignment.  

There are most likely other options available for students; these are just some choices that the student has in order to seek help on their homework.  Having these resources for the student gives the student an advantage when they can’t seek help from their normal sources.

When the high school student asks who can help them with their homework assignments, they can consult this list of potential resources that will guide them with the homework they need to do.  They will have an idea of where they can turn too.

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