5th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics: What to Avoid

Social problems and politics are an essential part of our everyday life. Students in the fifth grade start to learn opinions about the world around and watch news frequently. This is a very important period to develop research skills and study the ways to express their opinions in a written form. Students try thinking critically and question everything they see and hear. At school, they often have to prepare assignments about various issues and persuade the reader to take the author’s side and accept their point of view.

Most students do not have much experience in writing, so they need teacher’s supervision. Sometimes the hardest part for a student is choosing a topic for a persuasive essay. Teachers, parents and friends should help them to narrow a topic and define reachable goals. The following tips below provide some information about what to avoid picking the fifth grade essay topics:

  • Writing about obvious facts.
  • An essay usually raises a problem which requires some personal attitude. There should be many dimensions and a possibility to show student’s opinion. However, young researches should be somehow familiar with the topic. A good one may be about hobbies or favorites. Sample arguments may be about why the topic is vital or why your favorite is more outstanding than others’.

  • Writing before getting a topic approach.
  • This mistake is obvious, but happens frequently if students choose the topics themselves. It is better to pick one from a list prepared by a teacher. If there is enough time, it is better to discuss the topics in the class and write down some ideas and comments.

  • Mismatching essay formats.
  • Fifth-grade students often do not have solid understanding about essay forms. It is better to choose argumentative or narrative styles. The former is the easiest one and tells the reader a story. The latter is about making a set of arguments and outlining the conclusion. Most essays should be written in three paragraphs that are no more than five-six sentences long.

  • Not reading over an essay.
  • Mastering your essay-writing skills require re-reading and double-checking the result. Sometimes students cannot keep to the subject, and their essays do not correspond to the initial topic. Writers should avoid this serious mistake. Sometimes it makes sense to change a topic, if you are able to. Otherwise, a student has to pick other arguments and rewrite an assignment. Make sure you start working at the essay as early as possible, and then there will be enough time to correct the mistakes and make your point.

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