How to Find Science Homework Help Online for Free

Science can be a frustrating subject, as there are so many complicated things to learn. However, free science homework help can be found online, just like with any other discipline.

  • Google your question. It often works for relatively common and simple tasks. You may see it answered on multiple forums and boards. Since each science question will only have one correct answer, all you have to do is identify it. If everyone provides the same solution, then it is probably true. If not, choose the variant that is mentioned most often.
  • Browse Wikipedia. As the largest and most comprehensive online encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia has lots of articles describing almost every basic aspect of physics, chemistry, and biology. Most answers to simple science questions can be found there. Since Wikipedia constantly checks and improves its information, it is generally credible. If in doubt, check whether there is a link to an authoritative source.
  • Look for free questions and answers (Q&A) boards on homework help websites. Many professional homework assistants offer this service free of charge so that potential customers can make sure their employees are real experts. The answers you get there are generally far more reliable than those on general Q&A boards located elsewhere on the Internet. However, remember that it only works for simple assignments. If yours is a long and complicated one, they may ask you to pay for it once it is completed.
  • Use the Discovery Channel Science Search for high-quality videos that explain basic principles of science. They provide easy-to-grasp hints to you so you can complete your homework. At Discovery Education, you can also find virtual labs, interactive videos, and science simulations. The one relevant to your assignment will guide you through the concept, and even more importantly, improve your general knowledge of this subject. If you get a similar task again in the future, you will be confident in dealing with it.
  • Visit an online science laboratory, e. g. Bill Nye’s. There, you will find school experiments demonstrated and thoroughly explained. If you are required to do a simple experiment at home and describe it, you may use these videos as your guides.
  • Try an interactive textbook. Textbooks of physics, chemistry, and biology can be found on educational resources (.edu websites) and are completely free to use. Find exercises that are similar to your homework and try to solve them. If your solution is wrong, you will get an explanation why it is, and what the correct one should be.
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