6th Grade Math Homework Help Is Here


Math homework help for 6th grade children arouses anxiety in parents due to difficult concepts, timed tests and embarrassing silly mistakes done by the child in class. If the child thinks doing math homework has no practical use, the child’s attitude may lead to complacency and he will acquire limited knowledge on the subject. So there is a need to take out the fear and frustration of the child in doing math homework by making math interesting and providing the practical application of math in day to day activities.

Some ways to help the child in doing math homework

  1. 1. There is a need to share concepts that are fundamental to solve math problems.
  2. 2. The help of the tutor can be taken to help the child learn math by checking the tutoring programs available for the 6th grade
  3. 3. Question the child about the math homework he needs to do and assess if the child has the required understanding to solve the math problems independently or he is in need of some help.
  4. 4. Evaluate the problems solved by the child once you return from work
  5. 5. Cross check his homework with the classmate to ensure that the assignment has been done accurately by the child.
  6. 6. Encourage the child to explore everyday math programs through TV programs
  7. 7. Try to develop the skills of analysis, reasoning and planning in the child for learning math
  8. 8. Encourage the child to be a problem solver
  9. 9. Let him explain his process of problem solving in math
  10. 10. Relate math in numbers to practical problems like distance, mileage per gallon of gas and time for travel etc.
  11. 11. Encourage the child to play games involving numbers in math
  12. 12. Make use of flash cards to help the child in learning the basic facts of math
  13. 13. Ask the child to prepare a chart of math facts
  14. 14. Expose the child to educational video games and learning software to strengthen their math skills from arithmetic to algebra.
  15. 15. Schedule their math learning by using calendars and spreadsheets
  16. 16. Hire a tutor and discuss with them the volume of work given to the child by the school for everyday practice
  17. 17. Make the child clear doubts in assignment on math by cross checking with fellow students in school.
  18. 18. Consult the tutor on recommendations to make him understand the subject matter and keep up the amount of homework assigned by teachers.


Your child studying in 6th grade may encounter practice problems in algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, percentages and graphing etc. So, let the child figure own path to arrive at the right solutions for the problems by understanding the underlying concepts.

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