What Is The Purpose Of Homework For Students: An Expert's Point Of View

Students usually dislike having so much homework but there are important reasons behind the assignments. In this post, we will analyze the most important aspect of homework.

  • - Trial and error. This is the most basic learning system. Each person commits mistakes when learning any new skill. However, by remembering the most important mistakes, we are able to master any skill to a certain degree of expertise. We could say that experience is the best teacher.
  • - Learning by making mistakes. Some students are afraid of committing mistakes but there is no reason why. Homework is meant to let you focus on the skills that you should master in order to pass an exam in an organized fashion and separately in a frequent basis.
  • - The learning curve. In addition, homework is meant to provide a lesser challenge to the student at first. Then, as the pupil has some experience in a topic, the level of difficulty is increased progressively. Every subject has a learning curve, when a student fails it is basically a failure in adapting to this process.
  • - The importance of practising. Assignments are meant to let you practice all the important skills related with a subject one by one or all together at the same time. It is always an organised process that allows the student to be in a similar situation of an exam. The main difference is that you are meant to commit mistakes when doing your homework so that you avoid making the same errors in the upcoming exam.
  • - When homework is not enough. Teachers follow a certain programme of study and they have a timetable to develop the contents. However, some students may fail to follow the lessons even when doing the homework. In these situations, they need specialized support in order to master the necessary skill in time. These situations require additional exercises with a suitable level of difficulty for each student.
  • Every person is unique, we learn at a different pace. A lesson may be straightforward for some students and quite confusing for others.

  • - The importance of practising. As we mention before, practising is the key to success. You should dedicate more time to the subjects that happen to be more difficult to understand for you so that you get the experience that you are lacking.
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